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Half day tour, sector Orongo

(3 hrs app.)

The tour includes visiting the cave Ana Kai Tangata, Ahu Vinapu, the volcano Rano Kau (from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Hanga Roa) and the astonishing ceremonial center of Orongo, where the birdman competitions (tangata manu) took place.




Visit the islets by boat

(2.5 hrs app.)
Image 04

Entering the ocean from the town harbor Hanga Piko, we see the three islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao-Kao in front of the impressive cliff of Orongo, down by which the competitors of the Tangata Manu (birdman) event descended.


Horseback riding - Terevaka

(4 hrs app.)
Image 04

The route passes Ahu Akivi and continues uphill to the crater of the volcano Rano Aroi. Afterwards, we continue to the highest point of Rapa Nui - Terevaka (560 - 580 m) from where you can see the circumference of our planet.



Horseback riding - caverns

(4 hrs app.)
Image 04

The route passes several caverns. We enter the small entrance of the cavern Ana Kakenga, explore its gradually increasing interior which finally ends in two natural tunnels that give us a marvellous view of the ocean from the cliff wall.


Horseback riding - full day

Image 04

The route along the north coast leads you to various archeological sites such as Ahu Tepeu, Omohi y Papa Tekena, ending with the beautiful beach Anakena. We also offer the option of enjoying a "tunu ahi" (barbaque).